Deed Fraud

Deed Fraud

A renowned fraud prevention specialist, Jeanne Sorg, recently visited Jumpstart Pottstown to teach local real estate developers about preventing deed fraud. Sorg’s appearance generated excitement as the town has been revitalizing recently.

Sorg’s expertise in fraud prevention stems from over three decades of experience in the financial industry. She has worked as a bank fraud investigator and senior fraud examiner for a Fortune 500 company. Sorg is also a certified fraud examiner and an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners member. She has since focused on educating people and organizations about fraud prevention and detection.

At Jumpstart Pottstown, Sorg spoke about deed fraud, a type of property fraud where someone illegally transfers property ownership without the owner’s consent. Deed fraud has been a growing concern in many parts of the country, including Montgomery County. Sorg’s program “Fraud Sleuth” helps organizations identify and prevent fraud by training people to recognize red flags, conduct investigations, and implement controls.

Jumpstart Pottstown, a community organization that seeks to revitalize the town under the leadership of Deb Spence, invited Sorg to speak at their event. The organization has driven change and generated excitement about the town’s revitalization. Jumpstart Pottstown has been working with local businesses and residents to create a vibrant, thriving community.

Sorg’s appearance at Jumpstart Pottstown generated much interest, with many locals eager to learn about preventing deed fraud. The event was well-attended, with people from all walks of life coming together to hear Sorg’s insights. Sorg’s engaging and informative presentation covered everything from how to spot red flags in a property transaction to how to investigate suspicious activity.

Jeanne Sorg Presents to Jumpstart Pottstown

One of the key takeaways from Sorg’s presentation was the importance of being vigilant regarding property transactions. Sorg emphasized the need for property owners to keep an eye on their deeds and monitor any changes to their property ownership status. She also encouraged people to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Sorg’s visit to Jumpstart Pottstown influenced the town’s ongoing revitalization efforts. By educating locals about fraud prevention and detection, Sorg helped empower people to control their property and protect their interests. With the community working together, Jumpstart Pottstown is well on its way to becoming a thriving information hub for up-and-coming real estate developers.

In conclusion, Jeanne Sorg’s appearance at Jumpstart Pottstown was a great success. Her expertise in fraud prevention and detection was invaluable to the community, and her insights into preventing deed fraud were well-received. In addition, the event generated excitement and interest in the town’s ongoing revitalization efforts, with locals eager to work together to create a vibrant and thriving community.

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