Jumpstart Pottstown is a self-sufficient community development program spearheaded by Deb Spence of Fierce Realty Corp and modeled after Jumpstart Germantown. We aim to help revitalize Pottstown by empowering, motivating, educating, mentoring, networking, and providing financial resources to aspiring local real estate developers. We intend to link the local community with real estate development, first and foremost. We desire to share our resources and build a community that beams with pride, brick by brick, together as one.


“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them”

Madame C.J. Walker


Empower the community to know they can beautify it with their hands and learned knowledge.


We will train local aspiring real estate developers on the 10 “JumpSteps” of real estate development.


Each one will teach one. We will spread the knowledge and open the gates of learning in the apprenticeship and mentorship program.


Motivation is like a shower. We need it every day to feel revitalized. So is true for our community. We need encouragement and positive energy from each other to rebuild and restore.


Peer learning and collaboration are the keystones to success.


We will share our financial resources to help local members of our community tap into real estate development. The goal is to bring real estate development back to the people.

Jumpstart Pottstown, Photo by Chris Drucquer


  • Creates opportunities for residents of Pottstown to invest and develop in Pottstown
  • Builds wealth locally
  • Supports scattered-site rehabilitation (as opposed to urban renewal)
  • Encourages a healthy mix of affordable and market-rate housing
  • Improves neighborhood safety and raises property values through blight reduction
  • It helps first-time investors become more attractive to traditional lenders
  • Promotes diversity, changing the face of real estate development 

We seek community-minded experienced or aspiring developers and share our interest in the future of Pottstown. Jumpstarters should be committed to blight removal, creating more quality, affordable housing, and making Pottstown a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Jumpstart Pottstown Programs


The Training Program consists of 16 hours of instruction using our comprehensive Jumpstart curriculum. In the program, you’ll learn about the 9 JumpSteps of real estate development and visit a local construction site.

If you are an aspiring real estate developer, we encourage you to apply for the Training Program today.


Please apply as soon as possible. Space is limited.

Interested applicants must commit to revitalizing Pottstown. The focus of Jumpstart Pottstown is to help local aspiring developers win financially and to help revitalize Pottstown. Jumpstart Pottstown is devoted to changing Pottstown for the better, and we ask that only candidates with a similar mission apply.

The participation fee is $195 FOR ADULTS, FREE FOR YOUTH (18yrs -19yrs)

The Training Program introduces less experienced developers (with 0 – 5 previous renovation projects) to the basics of real estate development, including property sourcing, due diligence, financing, design and construction, and leasing and selling. Upon graduation, participants are paired with an experienced mentor to guide them through their next development projects. Only participants who attend all training sessions will get matched with a mentor.

If you are interested in serving as a Jumpstart mentor,


Join us online for our mini-training sessions on various topics related to real estate development. It’s real estate development education à la carte! The sessions are 1 hour long and open to anyone. Industry professionals will lead each session and include time for networking.

Once scheduled, all JUMPinars will be listed on our Jumpstart events page. Click on the calendar link to view the schedule and register online. 

“Jumpstart was created to reduce blight and increase investment in our communities. By offering opportunities for local entrepreneurs, we can keep wealth local. With Jumpstart, everyone wins – aspiring developers, longtime residents, and other community partners all benefit from additional investment in their neighborhood.”

Ken Weinstein, Founder of Jumpstart Germantown and President of Philly Office Retail

I Want To Attend “Jump’inar” Events

Jumpstart Pottstown


The Developers’ Network creates opportunities to connect and build mutually beneficial relationships. Through networking events and social media, like-minded developers, industry leaders, and neighborhood stakeholders connect, share resources, and learn from one another.

Jumpstart Pottstown will host 1-2 Developers’ Network events annually. At each event, participants hear from informative speakers or panelists, have plenty of time to network and enjoy a complimentary dinner, courtesy of a Network sponsor. You’ll receive email invites to all Developers’ Network events by joining.

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The Jumpstart Pottstown Loan program offers financing for acquiring and renovating residential properties in Pottstown. The Loan Program is available to experience, and novice developers, but first-time developers are encouraged to participate in the Training Program.

The Jumpstart loan process mimics a bank loan process to help prepare aspiring developers for future funding from traditional banking institutions. Jumpstart requires loan applicants to complete an online application and attach a pro forma, comps, and construction budget.

Jumpstart Pottstown is not a bank. We are a non-traditional, mission-driven private lending program that can move quickly to help you compete in a competitive real estate market and guide you.   We partner with hard money lenders, private lenders, traditional lenders, and equity partners.

Email for details on our Loan programs and the application process.

Contact us today to empower your greatness.

Reach out if you want to become the next Jumper, donate to the cause, mentor, network, or chat about anything Jumpstart Pottstown-related.